SENSEN, sensational seniors is a project of Konto Bariery, one of the biggest and oldest Czech foundation. The project is designed for active seniors. We want to associate SENSEN in clubs all over the country and offer them a meaningful program of educational and cultural activities. Clubs should be a place for meetings and for community initiatives that can pull the other seniors from the shells from the comfort of their own, provoking an active interest in their surroundings and to arouse their desire to live fully.

Get involved in projects

To participate in our projects can not only newly formed SENSEN clubs but also existing and well-functioning community of seniors, committed individuals, legal entities or nonprofit organizations and civic associations who want to support our program goals, though not nominally be in the program work with seniors.

SENSEN Clubs are a joint initiative of the Charta 77 Foundation / Konto Bariéry, local senior and non-profit organizations, libraries, museums, individuals and local governments. It will be an  open club freely accessible to all.

Clubs will be formed in the early days where there are already active seniors and the connection will give them the opportunity to participate in particular  SENSEN projects, to gain a foothold and, possibly, specific support for otherwise unattainable activity. We open them the opportunity to share what they do with other seniors across the country and also receive the inspiration and assistance from outside. Finally, the gain for themselves or their loved ones to enjoy the existing projects of the Foundation to support people in need and citizens with disabilities.

Why become a member SENSEN?

  • participation in unique projects nationwide (National Chronicle, Second Life of Children's Book)
  • assistance in implementing their own ideas of members of clubs SENSEN
  • access to a comprehensive program to improve mental and physical health
  • access to counseling SENSEN (law, medicine, security, etc.)

The National Chronicle is a conjoint project of SenSen and the Czech National Museum. The ambition of the National Chronicle is to become the largest archive of both smaller and larger events, which may have just a personal or local significance, but show time and context of its creation nevertheless. Furthermore, it aims to preserve and make accessible the memories of witnesses for the edification and amusement of the contemporaries. It is hoped that this will complement the "big" history and future historians will be able to capture the depth of the current period, but also the Chronicle will serve as an intermediary between the generations and the recent past.
During our lives, there are events that are worth recording for the future. It may be a child's birth, a marriage, a graduation, a new building, an interesting journey, a business success, a survival of significant age, a cure disease but also a death or an unfortunate event. It can also be places of remembrance, of remembering the almost forgotten, a great personality, a festive event, changes in municipalities and landscape construction.
It is completely up to you what event or events that might be a significant for you. Your story too is a part of history, a message and testimony to the present and the future generations.
What they said about the National Chronicle ...
Zdenek Mahler, a patron of the project, a writer, a playwright and a screenwriter
"I would like to appeal to you, and also to the people with whom you speak, to renew the memory of the nation. The follow-up information, but indeed also the sympathy, between generations has been compromised. We know what youth is, but they still do not know what it is to age. And yet they are not willing to listen to us. They will age once too and it is valuable to keep on storing the information, even if the only information that gets preserved for them is what we did wrong and what not to repeat. For this reason I would like to put in a word and encourage people to help restoring the rich memories of the nation. "
Michal Lukes, a General Director of the Czech National Museum
"Most people know the Czech National Museum mainly through the exhibitions, but in the background there is an even greater challenge: to document and to preserve. The Czech National Museum has in its collections over 20 million subjects, and one of the main tasks is to leave the most comprehensive picture of our time for the future generations. In doing so, the greatest the problem is not to find the unique items, but to capture the small events that paint the spirit of the times. That is why we are so excited about the National Chronicle project. There are no small stories, no small lives. They create a huge complex that will be a testimony of our time. I think that this project is very well thought through. I hope that the National Chronicle gathers a large number of posts, written memories, photos and videos. Gradually all will be saved in the Czech National Museum and we will be taking a very good care of it."

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